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KHS Daily Announcements (Updated 9/21/2020)


  • Next week is College Go Week and we want to encourage all students and staff to participate in dress up days as well as Penny Wars. 

    The dress up days will be the following:

       Monday:                   Pajama Day; don't fall asleep on your education

       Tuesday:                  Occupation Day; dress as the job you hope to have one day

       Wednesday:             College Gear Day; represent your favorite college or university

       Thursday:                 Tacky Tourist Day; travel to the city of your favorite college

       Friday:                      Crazy Red and Black Day

            ****Keep in mind that dress code still applies****

    Also, the four classes and the staff will compete in Penny Wars and all funds raised will go to charity.  The winning class will receive an ice cream party.

    The goal is to have more money in your class bucket than the other classes or staff.  Put pennies in your bucket and bills and silver in the other class’ buckets.  Bills and silver count as negative, and pennies are counted in the positive.  All buckets will be kept in the hallway outside the main office.

    Concerning Homecoming; The administration met with a student leadership group yesterday and the decision was made to postpone Homecoming and activities until we potentially have the opportunity to include the normal events such as the dance, powder puff, hallway decorating, a parade, etc. which we are currently unable to have.  Homecoming could then possibly be held during basketball season or during the spring.  The group agreed that Homecoming needs to be a special week full of activities and not just a title.

  • Juniors -- check your Class of 2022 Google Classroom for important upcoming dates.  See Mrs. Tully if you have questions.
  • 2020-2021 NHS candidates have been invited via our NHS Candidate Google Classroom.  If you received an invitation, congratulations, please accept the invitation, type the application, and submit the application to Ms. Plank or Mrs. Matheny by Friday, September 25, no later than 3:05pm. Please know that the invitation is an honor, but your acceptance of the invitation and filling out the application is optional. If you have questions, please see Ms. Plank or Mrs. Matheny.
  • Congratulations to the 2020-2021 NHS Officers:
    • President                  Cara Mullen
    • Vice-President      Brynnlee Walters
    • Secretary                  Emily Moss
    • Treasurer                  Sam Thomas
    • Historian                  Riley Hollars
    • Event Planner          Claire Leaky
  • Voting for class Officers and Student Countil Representatives will take place tomorrow September 16 through Friday September 18. The ballot will be posted as a Google Form on the assignments tab on Google Classroom for you class. Please make sure to vote for your class officers and student council representatives. Voting will begin at 8:00 am tomorrow and end at 3:10 pm on Friday September 18.
  • Seniors -- Indiana is participating in National College Application week, September 21-25. There are sixteen Indiana colleges that will be waiving application fees during National Application week and another 24 colleges that will be waiving fee applications year-round. You can access this list here
  • Art Club Members should go on the Art Club Google classroom and vote for Art Club Officers this week