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Payroll FAQs

  • I need to change my direct deposit account.

No problem! We need the documentation at LEAST one week prior to the deposit in order to alter your existing deposit information. Please fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (located in Employment Forms, or available at Central Office) and provide a blank check or bank issued documentation for the new account.


  • I can't access my Employee Portal to view my paystubs.

If you have never accessed the portal, but have received at least one payroll deposit, please follow the instructions for setting up your password and look for the confirmation email in your spam folder if you aren't seeing it right away. It will NOT be the same login that you use for your corp email.

If you have not ever been paid, you will not be able to set up your portal until the first deposit hits. Once your first pay is officially deposited, the portal will be able to identify you & you will be able to proceed with setup.


  • I need you to complete paperwork for me (employment verifications, loan paperwork, income verifications, etc.)

Due to the high volume of requests that we get, we advise that there is currently a minimum 48 hour turnaround. We want to be able to take the time to accurately complete your paperwork, and will complete it sooner if at all possible, but we kindly ask that you anticipate 48 hours on average.


  • I need more (or less) taxes taken out of my checks.

No problem! Please fill out a fresh tax form (located in Employment Forms, or at Central Office) and we will apply it to the next available payroll. Please note that we cannot advise you on tax matters, so if you are unsure of what changes you may wish to make, please consult with a tax professional.