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  • Purple Star School 

       Charles A Beard School Corporation is dedicated to providing support to families that have served or are serving our nation in the armed services.  “Our service members and their families make sacrifices daily on behalf of our country in order to keep us safe and protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “Highlighting this service and sacrifice year-round is a priority for our state, and it is an honor to award the Purple Star designation to Indiana schools that emphatically recognize and celebrate our military families, as well as support current students who are considering a future that may include enlistment leading to service.”

    Over the course of the 2023-2024 school year, CA Beard School Corporation is completing the following requirments:

    Assigned Point of Contact (POC) for military families - Scott Berrier There is a designated staff member at the school who serves as the liaison for service members, veterans, and students and families.
    Training requirement for POC The assigned POC has completed the required grade-level training.
    Dedicated webpage The school has a dedicated webpage to provide recognition and resources for service members, veterans, and students and families.
    Host an annual military program (i.e., Veteran’s Day, 9/11, etc.) The school hosts a military recognition event that demonstrates a military-friendly culture.
    Public military display The school has a display recognizing service members, veterans, and/or students and families.
    School Board passed a resolution publicizing support for military students and families Evidence of board resolution representing school support for military students and families.
    Employment of military service members and their immediate family members Military service members and their immediate family members, who meet the minimum qualifications for job openings within the school, will be guaranteed a job interview.
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