• Here are some of the clubs we offer at KIS-

     Drama Team -  6th, 7th and 8th grade students can show their Broadway acting abilities through the annual school play put on by the Drama Team.  Auditions are held for parts in the fall with production being done during the winter.  Don't want to be on stage?  Become a part of stage crew and use your artistic talents to make the production a success!

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a Christian organization which holds weekly meetings to offer fellowship and encourage each other in our faith as we seek to develop the values of integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence in sports or other activities, schoolwork, and daily life. All students are invited to attend on Friday mornings at 7:15am in the library where chocolate milk and donuts are served as well.  Parents/guardians are welcome to drop students off at the door at that time; however, students who need to ride the bus can have a parent/guardian sign a permission slip to be allowed to get off the bus early in order to join the meeting. 

     Science Masters - 8th grade students can sign up to be a part of Science Masters each fall.  Students get to participate in a variety of science experiments that go beyond what we do in class and focus on one area of science each year.  As a final project, the Science Masters put on Family Science Night for the community to get everyone involved in what they have been doing.

     8th Grade Book Club: Once a week we meet at lunch (usually Wednesdays) and talk about books!  Each nine weeks, we have at least one book that we read together, having a certain amount of pages that need to be read for each week.  We talk about predictions, characters, what we loved, what we hated, and sometimes other books that somehow come into the conversation.  The book that we vote to read for that nine weeks will also always match the type of book students will need for their book report.

     Photography Club: A club for students to learn basic photography and editing skills.  Students who participate will enjoy taking pictures as student events throughout the year.  

     VOICE – 7th and 8th grade students join this club that are against drugs and alcohol. We do awareness programs throughout the school year.

     Art Club- -A more in depth art experience for 7th and 8th graders. Meetings held every other Wednesday. Students experiment and work with clay, paint and media of their choice. 

    GSA - Gay Straight Alliance - This is a student organized and run club that provides a sense of community and a space for LGBTQ+ students and their ally peers to build a social network where their identity is respected.  The goal of this club is to provide a safe space for students to come together.  

    Spell Bowl

    Science Bowl

    Math Bowl

    Student Council

    Robotics Club